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Boxes give 404 when clicked. Works on preview but not when published

The boxes work perfectly in the “How I work” section when I preview them in Webflow.
However, when I publish them I get a “404” message when the boxes are clicked.
Using Chrome browser.
Any suggestions?

More information.
The boxes work using internet explorer.
So it’s something to do with Chrome.

Hi @Gemini2 - are you referring to your Portfolio Links? If so, they shouldn’t be working at all - even in IE…! They don’t have any links set up:

Forgive me if I’m looking at the wrong thing! Regards Kai

Hi Keejo.
I made this site from a template and I am on a steep learning curve.
If you toggle “Preview” you will see that there are images displayed in the Portfolio container which are replace by the images in the portfolio link box when you mouse over the images in the portfolio container.
Portfolio link seems to be misnamed as it is the image linked from the portfolio page.
It’s a mystery to me how this works anyway as I cannot see how the mouse over works from the portfolio page to the portfolio link.
If I can’t solve this I’ll have to rebuild the section in a way that I can understand it.
Thanks so much for your help

So in actual fact ai

Now that I have dug deeper, I have found that there has been an interaction set up “Portfolio item hover” which changes the opacity of the image to reveal the Portfolio Colour Box.
So now I know how it works but still don’t know why it won’t work in Chrome.

Hi @Gemini2 - I’m a bit confused - sorry! Do you want these links to go somewhere when clicked? …or do you just want the hover interaction? If you only want the hover interaction, then there’s no point having link blocks in the setup (and you could just start again, as you say - just using div blocks). A simple hover interaction like this should work in Chrome… Whats the live site called? Regards Kai

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