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Bought template and hero video doesn't work

Hi all,

I purchased the Mark Eter template and as soon as I started, their demo video wasn’t working in the editor or in preview. I added my own video and it still doesn’t work in the editor, preview or published site. I tried decreasing the size of the video, changing the width/height fields, etc…Can’t figure out how to get this video to work.

Here is my site:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @nirvico, thanks for your post, welcome to the community.

I would first try removing the custom override to the background color of the background video, it seems that the bg color is hiding the background video.

Here is the background property shown on the public published site css:

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Check the background video element style and remove the background color.

Here is more info “Background styles

I can see that it does work when you use developer tools in the browser and you delete that CSS but I tried removing the background color in the editor and it doesn’t fix the issue.

Hi @nirvico thanks,

I can see that a background color is still being set on the published site, did you republish the site after the change?

It’s published now. I made the background color transparent in the editor, but it doesn’t let me remove it entirely.

Hi @nirvico, could you help to share the site read only link so as to be able to look at the current styles in the designer? See “Share your project and invite collaborators

Hi there,

Thanks, it appears there is a background color set on the Section Hero class assigned to the Background Video Widget:

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There also seems to be a scroll into view interaction which is setting the Section Hero Background color at page load in an initial state, I would remove the steps that are setting the background color on the Section Hero class:

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After those changes, republish the site.

There we go. Fixed. Thank you for your help.

It’s strange that the template came like this, I didn’t change anything. Maybe worth bringing this up to the product team that works on these templates.

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