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Bought cms template, want to copy it to my hosted site ❗️help plz


I just bought a really cool cms blog template form the webflow store, and I want to move it over to my hosted project. What is the best way to do this?

I’m aware that I cannot copy over whole pages, so is the best thing to do to recreate the cms part, then copy over section by section onto a new page?

Would love to get some help with this!

Thank you! :blush:

Hi @Theodore_Yamada-Dess,

The best way would be to disconnect the CMS items and then place everything you want to move over in a single div, that way you can move multiple sections and anything else over to your working site.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Thanks! What happens if you don’t disconnect the CMS items?


If you dont disconnect before you move you will receive an error. Because it is connected to the collection in that template. The collection you are want to connect it to will not be the same. That is why you have to disconnect before you move.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

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