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Bottom radius problem on Embedded video


I have embedded Youtube video with this tool

For some reason, I can’t get bottom radius to work when video is playing. From the start, everything works, and then when you click Play the bottom radius disapears.

SEE THIS: - if I set higher radius, you can see that the radius is there all the time, but it starts too low. I can’t fix this.


That only works for that exact size, but when I start resizing the window down it stops working. I tried setting max-height: 636px, but that too only works for desktop view. Any way to make it responsive?

Thanks for responsing @vincent

Check here and learn a CSS neat trick to control the ratio of your elements.

I guess if you make a 16/9th div then it will always work.

Or you can remove the radius from the .youtube-player element and set it on the element that’s inside of it…