Both tabs display on first tab

Hi guys, i’ having issues with the tabs on a portfolio site i created. The site consist of a portfolio section and contact section.

the issue i have is when you first load the site, both sections display as one scrollable page on the portfolio tab. When i click on the 2nd tab (contact tab) & return to the portfolio tab only the portfolio tab display, leaving a large void where the contact tab once was.

i’d like to know how to have it so both tabs display their respective content, instead of the first load displaying both. thank you.

Here’s a visual on the problem:

So when the page first loads, i have a contact field appearing at the bottom of my portfolio section.

when i click on the contact tab everything is fine. This is where the contact field is suppose to be

when i return to the home page there is a huge void on the portfolio section.

Here is my public share link:

try removing this style.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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