Border on custom SVG mask

Im trying to get stroke/border on custom SVG mask but Im doing something not right,
could you give me some idea please what can I do?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Jindrich's Stunning Site

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Hi jindrich_stanek,

I haven’t had to approach this myself, but did find a couple of methods listed here. Overall, it seems that for complex shapes, the simplest solution is to essentially draw two shapes, one slightly larger than the image element to act as a “border”. Hope this helps!

Hi all
In the end I got paid help with the code which works nicely, but I just found out that the whole SVG thingy doesnt work in the EDITOR at all, it shows me empty space :confused: any idea?

Hey! Thanks for the update. What are you seeing in the designer exactly? When I load up, here’s what I’m seeing, which appears to be the same as the published site.

Hi , the issue is at the end user EDITOR mode, the DESIGNER and the publish result are good. At the EDITOR is a blank space instead of image, due the mask webflows editor cant recognise image I guess.