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Booking with file attachment?

Hello all,

Creating a website for a painting contractor. They want booking integration for estimates, and I think it would be nice if they could attach a picture of the work in question, so as to give a better idea of the scope of the work. Is this possible with any of the booking platforms? I looked into Setmore, but didn’t see the option for this. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m sure there should be a booking platform out there that allows you to upload a file when setting an appointment but I don’t know which one, my point being here that you can create a booking appointment form in Webflow that allows you to this or use a service like Typeform but any of these services are going to require paid plans.

I would explore Airtable (if you haven’t already considered). The free plan offers file uploads for forms, but with the benefit of basic relational database functions.

Airtable made some improvements to views / forms earlier in the year where you can limit related table options to a certain view meaning you can hide days that are booked in form options.

An airtable booking system is going to be less capable than a pure a booking system, but offers potential to build a broader light weight system for creating estimates, reports etc without having separate apps.

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Great question Erich! I wanted to create a booking form and found the tool ConvertCalculator which does exactly that and allow your customers attach files! I found it was very easy to setup. I’m a designer by trade and it was very easy for me to customize the calculator to fit with my brand guidelines.

Hi @ErichBoehm .
Josh from Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with our seamless integration with Webflow. More info can be found here:

We offer an unlimited free trial and free one-on-one onboarding. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance. We’re happy to help.