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Booking different days for a workshop

Hello everyone!

I’m currently trying to build a ecommerce website for a family member and having a bit of a headache over how people can book on for certain days or the full week for her dance classes.

She runs workshops (usually 3-5 days) however she is limited to 15 people per day. If I create a product for “Summer Dance Workshop” what’s the best way I can offer her products to people who want to book either individual days or the whole week.

Is it best to add one product for each day of the workshop and limit the inventory to 15? Then add a product at a discounted rate for the all days? Is there a way for these inventory’s to be linked? For example, if each day has it’s own product, with a limit of 15 then someone purchases the full week product, can this then decrease the individual day products by 1 too?

Currently I’m thinking she will just need to stay on top of it and if someone books the full week then she needs to decrease the inventories of each day manually… but surely there is a better way?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! I’m not an expert with Webflow so any dummies guide would be amazing!