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Bolding Issue w/ Paragraph Text


For some reason, when I select portions of paragraph text it refuses to bold - any ideas? I can bold the entire class but not small portions of text. Shouldn’t I be able to do this without creating a text span?

Note that I’ve installed the “bold” font in the project… but how does one associate the “bold” tag with a specific installed font thickness?


Link here - check out the “about” page as an example… none of that font will bold:

I think it’s a bug. I ran into this issue the other day. You should be able to highlight and add a bold without a span, or insert a link ect.
It resolved eventually, but I’d report it.


just looked at it again maybe you have to add the font weight when you bold it. I highlighted it and made it bold but then went to the font weight and selected the proper weight.


I donno… this doesn’t seem quite right. If I change the entire class to bold, I can actually “de-bold” elements by “bolding” them. But I can’t have the class be normal weight and bold them normally…

Thanks for your help

I think that the bold version of the font is identical to the regular version, that’s why you don’t see the difference.