Bodymovin + Webflow How to link to images within Custom div?

So I’ve gathered all the info I can from the forums as far as using bodymovin with Webflow, and I’m still a bit lost. It seems integration of bodymovin within webflow uses different language then what bodymovin resources suggest. I’m not sure how you’d go about create interactions within a bodymovin asset either. Ie. animation starts on click, or loops until click etc. I followed the Bodymovin example page:

But the only place where it seems you could customize the animation would be in the div attributes. I’d like to figure out interactions with bodymovin.

However MOST importantly I just need to link to three jpgs that are referenced in the external json on github linked within the custom div attributes. Bodymovin has a tag called assetsPath where you should be able to redirect images, but I don’t know where to put it or even where to put the images. Is it possible to link to assets hosted on webflow? Or would it need to be hosted on imgur or something. My first guess is that you would make an attribute data-bm-assetsPath but with three images you’d need a folder, or to maybe call them out one at a time. I’m really lost, any help would be appreciated!

Contact support directly for this, it may need deeper inspection that a read-only link can provide.