Bodymovin not compatible with latest AE 2021


When I try and enable the bodymovin plugin for AfterEffects I’m told it’s not compatible with the latest version of AE 2020 17.5.0 build 40. Although on the plugin page it specifically mentions version 17.5 of AE.

Any ideas ?


Welcome to the community @precision360!

Unfortunately this script isn’t supported by Webflow and I don’t see any specific questions mentioned on their Github regarding issues with the new version of After Effects.

I’d recommend first trying to reinstall the plugin and/or After Effects itself to see if that doesn’t resolve the issue. If not, you can always add an issue to the page above to ping the team—they seem to be fairly active and responsive.

Hi MIke,

I was talking about the following plug-in as used by Webflow in their training videos:


Hi Matthew,

Good to know, I was about to update AE… well I won’t… yet.

It should be a matter of days for BM to be compatible again.

Don’t panic though, it’s going to take you a few minutes to install AE 17.1.4. Open Creative Cloud app, ALL Aps tab, click the three dots menu at the end of the AE line, then All versions, then install/uninstall what you like.

Just FYI, weeks out and still no progress on bodymovin updating.

Count me in as another user with the same issue!

Can you check once , did you marked allow script or not (edit—> preferences---->scripting&expenditure -----> allow script