Bodymovin gets stuck rendering image sequence

I followed this tutorial:
but then I got stuck at 3:52. I followed all the steps of the video.
After Effects has been stuck in rendering at this point:

I don’t know what to do since I literally just followed the video. Also, I have already overcome so many obstacles at this point just to get here. Please help!

Welcome to the forum @mepruijn.

Design tools > AE > Bodymovin > Lottie > Webflow is a long path and even a detailed video sometimes can’t cover all the aspects, don’t panic :slight_smile:

I can imagine that… there can be a lot of possible things going wrong, starting by the version of AE, the version of Bodymovin, the parameters of Bodymovin…

  1. are you up to date on those 2 applications? (AE and the Bodymovin plugin)
  2. if answers to 1. is yes, do you mind sharing your AE project + your resources with me so I can check on my configuration?

@vincent Thank you for the quick response!
I downloaded both yesterday, so I guess I’m up to date.
I checked for After Effects CC 2018 I have version 15.1.2.
For Bodymovin I have version 5.6.5.

I’m not sure how to attach my files to this message though…

Can’t you update to 17.0.6 if you have CC?

Zip them and either use dropbox or a sharing service, or PM me here I’ll give you my email address.

@vincent I can’t update since I got it via my university and they are stuck on this version.
Here is the link to the files:

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@vincent I tried the same thing with another set of pictures, but the exact same problem occurs. Did you perhaps find out what I can do?

Update: I downloaded a newer version of After Effects and now it works.