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Bodymovin Error Message

AE won’t render an image sequence into a Bodymovin file (as per the tutorial below). I get the following warning message every time I try:

AE warning.jpeg

hi, I have the same problem :frowning: did you solve it since then?

Yes, I uninstalled the new version of AE and used the older version. That solved the problem. I still can’t make json animations ‘Fixed’ though.

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Oh thank you :slight_smile: but where did you find an older version? In the creative cloud desktop there are just the versions 17.0 and 16.1.3 but none of them is solving the problem for me :confused:

Use AE16.1.3. And don’t forget:
AE preferences>Scripting>Allow scripts to write…
Bodymovin Settings>Assets>Include in json (if you use rasterized images)

That’s what worked for me.

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You could try uninstalling AE 17 as well.

oo thank you very much :heart_eyes: now it’s working :partying_face: :partying_face: I’m soo happy