Body on Mobile moving around when I Scroll left to right


I am having issues with my website on phone only view. It seems like the body is moving side to side and move off the screen a little. All of my other websites are not currently doing this.

Here is my read only link.

Please help.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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I’m having the same Issue, waiting for a reply as well

Hi @JibbyFlow, it looks like there is some overflow on the body, caused by an element which is extending of the page, take a peek here:

The overflow seems to happen in the Footer symbol and only on Tablet View that I could observe. I would probably shorten that text if possible, or try not to have so many columns on mobile view, or split that information up somehow.

I hope this helps

Could you please check this as well,
I can’t find any overflowing element. @cyberdave

Thank You. That seems to have worked. I appreciate it.

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