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Body fading out on scroll when link clicked


If you go to the second slide (pressing right arrow once), when you press the “mas” buttton, it goes down to the secction “Lo que nos gusta”, but it shows totally white.

Why doesn’t it shows correctly? this section?

Also the thumbnails of the three first items doesn’t show, but they are set exactly as the other ones!

Thanks a lot in advance


Please, anybody out there to help me with this?

@eccecello you will need to share a read-only link before anybody can help you.

Thanks! I forgot it.

Anyone knows?

Please, I need help.

Go to principal page, press right arrow to go to second slide, then press “mas” button.

Then it goes to a total white, not showing anything. How to solve this?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @eccecello, thanks for the read-only link. It looks like also on the mas button, there is an interaction set to fade the body on scroll:

If you set the interaction to none on the button, the body will not fade out like that.

I hope this helps!

Yes!! omg, what would I do without this help.

Thanks a lot @cyberdave

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