Blurry text images

I need to insert a large amount of financial data into the CMS on a consistent basis.

Currently, I’m copying the data from MS Excel, turning it into a PNG picture and inserting this into the CMS.

However, for the most part, this comes out quite blurry. Here’s a short snippit:

The full image is much longer than this, so making the text larger isn’t really an option.

So, is there a much better way of transferring this sort of data from excel, where the text is small, onto the website without losing the sharpness of the text?

Any help much appreciated.

Strange enough, I’ve had a similar issue.
Built the whole website and when I finally view it, the font was impossible to see.

I move browser to other monitor and it came in clear.
First thought is the monitor is messed up.
The font I was using on a responsive website did not work too well with responsive adjustments.

Does anyone have any ideas? @PixelGeek

thanks - but it certainly isn’t the monitor. maybe i can use a different file type or render it a different way?

I didn’t really get a response to this from some time ago, so I’m trying again. Any ideas @PixelGeek @cyberdave @samliew ?

I don’t usually help with design issues. My guess for this is that if your image is 500px * 500px for example, it MUST be displayed at that size.

thanks, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue here as I have attempted that.

Are you 100% certain you’ve tried rendering the image at a certain size, and setting it to display at specifically that size, and it still came out blurry?

Because that should not be possible with a PNG. It sounds like the browser is resizing the image for one reason or another, and browsers are pretty terrible at resizing images.

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Hi, you can select the Excel data and save it as a pdf. Open the pdf in Illustrator, which will convert most of the text to outlines, then select all and export is as an .svg. Upload the svg and you are working with vector shapes, not pixels. Probably have to set minimum Height and Width to stop it shrinking too much, but will be responsive like any .svg

Realise it’s not ideal but I’m sure you could figure out a workflow in Illustrator, create an action then use a Batch command on the entire folder of excel files, should be possible.

Good luck

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There’s an example at

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