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Blurry hidpi images (but only after alt-tabbing)

Hi everyone! I’m having a strange problem with hidpi images and was hoping for some help.

I’ve been exporting images as 2x, then running them through a compressor to reduce the file size. I add them in Webflow and mark them as hidpi images, and they look great. However, if I alt-tab to a different app then go back to Webflow again, the images become blurry. If I double-click the image and untick the hidpi box, then tick it again, this temporarily fixes the problem, but then the images break again when I switch to a different app.

The fact that they initially show up sharp and crisp suggests to me that the problem isn’t with my images but something within Webflow, either something with my site or with Webflow itself. Is this something anyone else has experienced before?

I’ve created a quick example page so you can see the issue:

Hoping someone has a chance to look at this. Not really sure how to fix it as it’s making all my pictures blurry even though they’re good quality.