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Blurry Google chart embed

Hello, I didn’t found the answer to this so here it goes.
Basically I embeded a few google charts onto a webflow website and the result is very blurry. I used Arial font on every chart.

What’s very weird is that while the chart is blurry, when you click on the interactive chart, the little information pop up is not blurry. This happens in Chrome and Safari for me.

Does anyone knows what’s happening or how can I fix it? I can’t find the solution anywhere.

Thank you

Hi, Please add live URL + Screenshot.

Anyway, this is not webflow issue - you also find a lot of answers her ( Google Charts forum):

Really sorry forgot about the link.

Maybe there was something that coulb be done with CSS in Webflow, I didn’t find answers anywhere.

Thank you very much.

Add live URL (Your link is wrong).

Sorry, this one:

Ok. This is chrome charts Bug. On zoom the text get blur (On 100% ctr+1 - the text looks fine). Need to google this (This problem only on this page?)

Thank you for your answer

The problem is with every chart that I embed. Maybe the problem is my chrome.
This also happens with Safari and Chrome/Safari on mobile.

Don’t worry I’ll try to find a solution!