Blur text in Clonable Template

Hi everyone, I have a little with clonable template
I found a template that I would like to use, but the text is blurry. I’m not able to use it.

How can I fix it?

Hey @Matej_Wo,

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This looks like it may be an intentional image or styling by the designer. Possibly check if this is also in the CMS collection item, or if that has complete text.

Also, could you please provide your site’s read-only link? Here is a helpful tutorial that explains how to share a project’s read-only link.

It’s much easier to help when we can take look at your specific project :slight_smile:

Every single post has CMS item ( Picture 1)
Post has a text but on the side is blurred (Picture 2)
In my opinion, this is not intentional image

I’m not sure, but maybe I need to upgrade my plan.

Above is a link to this site

This is correct link to preview

Hey @Matej_Wo, Thanks for that link!

This is coming from the Font set on the body style (Screenshot :arrow_upper_right:)

If you change that font it will be all sorted :slight_smile:

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