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Blur Filter 'while scrolling in view' interaction bug in chrome browser

Hey, I’m not sure if anyone even uses this forum anymore as I never seem to get a reply but here goes…

I have added a ‘blur’ filter to a ‘while scrolling in view’ interaction to my hero section. It has made the whole page incredibly jumpy and the scale interaction jumps pretty badly. Is this just a case of trying to push the interaction too far / javascript too heavy? Or does anyone know of a fix?



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I just opened the site in my browser (Safari) and it feels fluid and nice. Not jumpy at all for me. Looks great! Might be an isolated issue. I’ve experienced that several times.

Thanks Noah. I’ve just been digging and tested in multiple browsers - appears to be just a chrome issue. Safari is much smoother! I will continue to play around to see if I can fix

Yeah I just tested it in Brave (Chromium) and I do now notice a bit of clunkiness. Only in Chrome though. Which is odd.

It’s weird because Safari is so much smoother with live sites but runs the Webflow Design a bit worse.

Yep, never understood that. Safari can’t seem to handle webflow very well but I always prefer the published site in Safari.

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Frustrating as it is even smooth using Chrome on iOS!!

Yeah it’s quite strange. Couldn’t tell you why.