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Blue links inside CMS collection

How do you style the colour of the links in Collections? I’ve read on other posts that you give the rich text element a class, which i have… and i have styled that…but then you can’t select any of the links within that to change the colour of the links, because it doesn’t live in the designer, it lives on the collection page…and you can’t style anything on the collections pages?

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Anyone? Anyone at all? (-:


So you need to give the dynamic rich text a class, then create a new rich text that isn’t linked to a dynamic field, give that rich text the same class as the one which is linked.

Then you have to create a link inside your new, non dynamic rich text field, if you go to the style panel as if to give it a class, then when you click in the “add class” field, one of the suggested options will be “all links”, click that, then immediately below click the little icon which symbolises “while inside of”, if you click that, then style the element it will work for links in collections :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps,


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Thanks very much Arthur! That works.

Appreciate it.

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