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Blue Link don't go away

I searched this issue at the Forum, tryed everything and nothing worked.
Here are some Printscreens:
(before select the element)

(after select the element)

The blue color from the link don’t get overrided.
I tryed to change for other colors, hit enter after select the color i want… nothing.

It’s my first day in a Paid Plan, it’s all new for me.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Your “Link 2” class can be modified to any colour you need. At least it does for me.

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Can you show a printscreen just to show me?


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I was doing it wrong, just choosing the same color and hiting ENTER.
Now I tryed to select a color like you did and it worked!
Thank you man! Really! Thank you!

Yeah, I know the feeling - had the same “why don’t you just work??” moment with the links some time ago. Glad to help.