Blue border of linked section

Hi everybody,

I’m not a developer so I’m a big fan of webflow. But sometimes he decide to make me jokes and yesterday I noticed on my ipad and on un iphoneX (not other iphone I don’t no why) that when I use the button I created in the navbar or the others along the page as soon as the page scrolls to the section linked appear two blue lines more or less coinciding with the borders of the section. This does not appen in othe devices…

please, help

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Hi - There are now four posts (that I have seen) relating to this issue. You can view them here:

I have not seen a solution as yet - perhaps watch these posts also.

Yes craigb I’ve seen that posts but as you said no soluzione yet… I hope another post could catch the attention of the webflow team… is there a way to contact them directly?
Have a good day

Hi, so you are saying that I should make sections or div 100 vh and 100 wh each time I have to link them?
Thanks for replying :slight_smile: