Blue background behind dropdown on hover

When hovering over the menu with the orange back, the dropdown menu items get a blue halo around the button…and for the love of god i can’t find where it gets that from…
In some browsers it shows in some it apparently doesn’t.

Does somebody has got an idea?
Probably something small i’m completely overlooking…

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Hey Ben, I’ve been experiencing the same issue!! I can’t seem to figure it out. It may be a bug? I know there are a few other people experiencing this as of this morning as well.

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Ah ok, so it would be a WF bug or maybe something with the browsers that changed/updated…
There goes 2 hours of ripping my hair out if i had any :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have it too, it seems to me that when hovering a dropdown it’s also activating the focused state.

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Yeah whats up with this? I’m guessing it’s a Webflow thing because the websites that I haven’t published today don’t show the blue halo effect. The websites that I did publish today have that halo.


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Hey everyone, can confirm that I’m also experiencing this issue out of nowhere. Seems to have happened today. Hopefully we can get an answer to this!