Blog's view is not fully responsive - The "List" element is not adjusting correctly

There’s some padding/margin or something that is messing up the responsiveness of the “List” element.

By “List” I mean:

  1. Something
  2. Something
  3. Something


  • Something
  • Something
  • Something

All the other content seems to work ok.

Clearly visible on the mobile view of this post: Cómo vender por WhatsApp Business - Paso a paso

Here are both of my blog templates on read-only (I don’t know why I have two):

Thanks in advance!

I’m new to Webflow and looks like a cool platform, but these types of beginner mistakes are driving me crazy.

You have padding and margins on both the UL and LI elements affecting the width. You could remove them or change them to get the result you desire. Look at the settings for those nested elements.

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Thanks! By the way, could you tell me how to apply margins to the entire content of a page? I’ve been adding it to each element separatedly

Sure. Your question is rather general. Based on that I would say that some people prefer to wrap all content with a element that can have default padding / margin as is done with the “client first” model. Everyone has a different approach. Mine is variables and CSS calc using an external stylesheet.