Blogs Archive concept

So, I have been trying to re-create my idea about Archive of blog posts, which I told in this post:
Blog Archive Dynamic Pages

When I start to build the structure I realize that blog-posts will have to be archived not only by the month but by the year too. So idea has been changed a bit during the process.

Also have to notice:

it is not an absolutely perfectly structured example, but more like a basic concept, which you can use and improve.

1) We will add 2 more fields in the Article (blog-post) template:

  • Archive month
    -Archive year

2) Both this fields will have to have information from the list of month and list of years, for creating an archive. Since list of months is always the same we can use field type OPTION.

3) For list of years I used REFERENCE type of field, which connect to separate collection “Archive folders” with only one field inside, contained “names” (number) of years.

4) Now we have a templates for every year. Next step is adding to the template body 12 dynamic lists of Articles (blog-posts) collection, filter in by referenced field “Archive year” equal “current Archive folder” AND for every month add one more filter where option field “Archive month” equal month that we need.

5) If you will decide to use separate collection for Archive months and as a result referenced field (instead of options), you will also have a template for every “Month folder”. And then inside each template you can add separate dynamic list for every year For example, template for February will contain dynamic lists for February, 2014; February, 2015 and February, 2016.

Result you can see on this very basic simple site

Preview Link:

P.S. I tried to use “Condition visibility” settings for make items in this lists show up only if current date is month later than publishing date on the blog-post, but could not make it work for some reason :confused:

Hope this concept can be handy for somebody :relaxed:

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This is really useful @sabanna, thanks for sharing this!

Always welcome, guys :slight_smile:

Dear @sabanna,
I’m so happy to find your amazing blog archive concept - just nice simplicity. Something that I’ve been in much need, going now to apply it at once!

On the way, I find out a field type option in the collection fields. :slight_smile:



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Very good idea! i searching for this! Very needed!!!

very nice!! :slight_smile: you are so creative!

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I’m a little confused. Are you creating a separate collection for each year? In your example, there are 3 items in the collection “archived folders”. Could you show a diagram of what those folders are?

I’m new to CMS so any clarification is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello, @paint.you1830!

Yes, I created a separate collection “Archive Folders” because I wanted to have a separate page for each year. Plus there would be a new page created automatically when I would add another year that passed.

You can see more details here:

Thank you. I figured it out.