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Blogging into Webflow

Hi guys,

Ok been searching on the forums for a while. At the moment I have created a blogging component to my website but boy, because of WF static nature it takes me an hour to update all my links and sliders!

What is the latest with blogging integration. I’m having a look at Dropplets (but I am a complete nebwie when it comes to coding) so could really do with your help!


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You will need some sort of content management system. I hear people have had some success with tools like Cloudconnon. I use Modx with exported sites.

Others have used Perch with their websites there are many examples in the Show and Tell section of that.

Hey @AlexN Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to have a look at those to see what impact those could have. Any chance you have a tutorial that could walk me through it (thanks, asking a lot here but you will save me a heap of time!)

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