Blog text is repeating in every blog post

Good Day, I have access to our website as an editor. I don’t think I can share a read only link as an editor. So I’ll try to explain. Something changed overnight, wherein the content for every blog post is the same. No matter what content I put in the blog form, I still see the duplicate text on every blog post. The title of each post is still correct, but the actual content is repeating in every post. Every post looks identical, save the heading. Is there a setting I can fix as an editor? Or do I need access to the designer interface?

Can you please tell me the steps needed to correct the repeating content? In either editor or designer? Thanks so much!

You should share the project link, without that we cannot diagnose the issue. And another thing with your access you cannot make the changes either.

So you should ask the person who has the designer access to look into it first.

As you said every post has the same content, so it might be that dynamic content is not placed for the blog page. And post titles are correct because, dynamic content should have been placed for the title only.

Thank you for responding. The designer accidentally set the Inner Text Setting -“Get Text From”- to none, instead of “post body”. Hopefully this helps someone else.

Yes that should be the most probable issue.

So if you do not require more assistance on this issue, it would be best if you close this issue.

sorry, how do I do that?

There should be a wrench icon, on the right side of this post title.