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Blog templates / templates in general

I’m looking a ways to use webflow as a replacement for wordpress. On the surface it appears that it can happen relatively easily - build a front page, links to paginate (copy front page) and build the post inside of webflow.

One of the issues I can see with this approach is how continuous iteration of the templates will effect pre-existing content. Also I’m not sure what effect duplicating the blog front page will have on SEO.

Is it possible to get templates setup in webflow to better handle this kind of thing? Also does anyone have any feedback on the potential SEO issue (duplicate content)?

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Hi @grandtheftpixel-

We’re actually starting to research and work on some ideas to make this possible in Webflow now! We’d love your thoughts and input – so I’ll send you a personal message early next week to start a conversation about what would be most helpful for you.

Hi @kkilat - one of the issues with using WebFlow for blogging is the pricing structure. Assuming one page per post, you’d have to be on at least the professional plan to make it even slightly viable. SquareSpace have a page limit, but allow blog pages to have as many posts as you like. Is this something WebFlow would consider? Would save me having to move my blog off elsewhere.