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Blog posts have new published date as site gets republished

Hi @BryceT, do you know if theres an integration on the CMS? Sometime external apps may cause this issue.

One thing you may do, is change the CMS date on the blog from published date to created on , It is weird that every time you publish the website the publish date for all of the posts.

Let me know if you find any integrations in the settings, this seems to be the main issue.

If not, I would gladly help you look for the issue but I would have to look into your website.

DM me if you would like that!

Thanks Carlos_Ruis_Del_Vizo! I was able to switch the date on the blog page and that seemed to be solving the issue for now. It is still weird that the publish date updates every time that the website is published. It could possible be a bug but I will check for an integration into the CMS (although I don’t think we have one).

Thanks for the help!

ok great! Let me know if this issue comes back again :zombie: