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Blog posts already maxed after 9 posts on CMS plan... REALLY?!?!

I’m confused, Doesn’t CMS plan offer up to 2000 items? I’ve got 20 tags, 1 team member and I just now deleted all the work related items from a template I had, before I deleted I was told I’ve maxed out the amount I can make of blog posts I can make and I need to upgrade to Business… what gives?!

If you’d like to share your read-only link with the community someone would be happy to look into it. That doesn’t sound right, however without knowing the other aspects of how your using the CMS we can’t say for sure.

You can always reach out to Webflow support if you’d rather have them check it out, however I know they are mention being a bit backlogged due to COVID.

sure thing!

You should contact support. The community can’t help with issues like this.