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Blog Post which post ends with hyperlinks have formatting issues on mobile devices

There appears to be a bug with blog posts on mobile devives if you end the blog post with a URL/Hyperlink.
I noticed on a client’s blog when they decided to end a particular blog post with a URL link, the text on the blog post altered on mobile devices and was stretched wider than the screen width, thus making it illegible to read.
If you take a look below at LINK1 and view this on mobile you will see what I mean.
Below it then on LINK2 is an identical post, however I have ended it with regular text as opposed to a URL and it formats okay.
Please advise.

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to the forums.

It seems like there is an empty embed element at the bottom of the post in Link 1 that seems to be causeing the issue.

Once I removed that and re-published everything, then the styles of the page worked appropriately.

​Hopefully this helps, and please feel free to reach back out if you have any more questions; I’d be more than happy to continue helping out here. :smile:

My best,

Great thanks Riley, never spotted that embed code added by accident by the client.

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You’re welcome, happy to help.

Glad we were able to find out what was going on.

Happy designing!

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