Blog post release date

Hi guys, Im following the astro law firm tutorial using the old UI. And hes set a release date for the blog posts, and I dont see the function available now. Has it moved or been deleted?

Will you provide the link to the tutorial you’re referring to?

Above are the tutorials.

also- in the part 3 video I created the overlay as a div block inside the section, and the overlay is set to 100% width and height and it is overlapping the nav and footer.

I know I could change the margin buit I’m wondering why its not working for me, im using the new UI and he is using the old UI.


Vlad shows creating an additional field. Are you saying you can’t add a field to a collection? Normally the only reason that would be is if you have exceeded the maximum number of fields. See 5:51 on the first video.

As to your second question -> Share a read-only link if you want assistance.

Hello - below is my share link.
The overlay defaults of 100% width and height run over the footer symbol in the contact page.

Also in the tutorial- there is an option to select All H1 headings when nested inside of another element. Screenshot below. I cannot find this nesting selector in the new UI? Any help appreciated