Blog post publish/create date different in editor and on site!?

We have a bunch of blog posts we imported and something weird is going on with the created and publish dates of our posts.

Basically, on some posts, it shows a different date than on the live site.

As you can see in the overview of blog posts the created date is shown as December 4:

if you go into details you see the time is 4:28pm (CET):
Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 15.22.57

Yet on the website it is shown as December 5:

But I am in the same time zone CET.

So why would it show a different day?

Also, how do I show the published time in the blog posts overview? (the date alone is not that helpful, especially when you sort by the published date and I am sure it is using the actual date string ie also considers the time, but don’t actually SEE the time)

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