Blog post page showing incorrectly in mobile view

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Hello, in the mobile view of our site one of our blogs is showing up incorrectly. We only have 2 blog posts currently. Both share the same blog post page HTML & CSS layout. The blog body is inside a container with max 90% width inside a section.

One of the blogs is showing up correctly. The other is not. The one that does not has text capped off at the edges. This is only noticeable after publication when I browse to our site with my smartphone (iPhone), not in the web flow explorer. The mobile view looks good in webflow designer (and browser).

This is a picture of the correct blog pots on my iPhone:

This I the picture of the incorrect blog post on my Iphone:

Thanks for helping me out guys.

Hi @stratsy :wave: The issue is with this embedded table:

UPD The way to fix it:
Need to work with section, container and Figure for set a correct padding and position Overflow (then all be looks good on mobile and a part with problem table be scrolled horizontally)

UPD 2 I can help you to fix it if you provide an access to your project (we may speak about it in DM)

Yes sure dm me and I will grant you access. Thanks!