Blog Layout Responsiveness: Third item skips to next slot leaving an empty space

Hi guys,

First time poster here. I need some help shedding a bit of light to my blog layout problem.

I you’ll take a look at my read-only link and play round with the responsiveness, you’ll find on the blog section that a space is empty, while the rest of the content is pushed down.

I know it might be a width problem, but I check multiple times and I’m still not sure why it is happening to only a few items on the blog.

Any help would be much appreciated.

thank you,


I just realized the blog layout issue only appears on the live site.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @Von_Bixby_Romo

Have you sorted this as I can’t see any responsive issues with the blog. Do you have any screenshots as an example?


Hi @magicmark,

Thanks for the response. The problem only occurs on the homepage. I’ve attached a screenshot so you’ll see what I mean. Notice how the second row has a blank space.

When I play around with my browser window, it sometimes fixes itself, but just returns when I refresh.
Not sure what’s causing this strange thing to happen… :confused:

@Von_Bixby_Romo Did you figure out the issue? I’m having the same problem.