Blog designer - kind of lacking?

Hey guys,

Wondering if it’s possible to create blog layouts like this: Optimizing Amazon FBA Packaging for Increased Sales Success

I understand of course the interplay between the designer and the editor. But it looks like most of this would have to be done in the editor and I am just not seeing how it’s possible to do stuff like this…

Namely the highlighted Key Takeaways sections, the anchor links etc.

Any thoughts? Or should I just go to wordpress for our blog lol.

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It looks like it should be possible. I’d take a look at the Finsweet Table of Contents Attribute:

For the Key Takeaway sections, you should be able to utilize a styled Blockquote element. These can be added easily within any rich text field and if needed you can even add a bit of custom code to automatically add the “Key Takeaway:” bit at the beginning.

For callouts like Key Takeaways, check out Finsweet’s powerful rich text as well. You can create very complex elements from your collection item or external content and embed it into your rich text content as a kind of “component”.

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