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The attached screenshot shows what I’m seeing when I try to visit a masked forwarded URL that I route to my Webflow address. In other words, when trying to access Meanwhile, the site is hosted

What does this browser error mean exactly? What’s the fix?

Without a custom domain setup in webflow you can’t point your domain towards
Webflow is blocking this, else everybody would go with a free plan and just redirect there domein to the subdomain.

The only fix is adding a custom domain to your website.

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Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

Hello. I am trying to launch a client’s site and need help. Info you might need:
her domain registrar is Network Solutions - but no other services are provided by them.
client purchased Personal Webflow package (no hosting)
her current host is Sibername (dns settings shown below)
her email is also with Sibername (which is why I thought a simple re-direct was best)
but while the re-direct is going to Webflow, it’s not pulling up her website. I’m getting a Webflow 404 error page instead.

Any thoughts?

Hey @JFolan please contact for quick assistance in getting your site launched. Otherwise there are step-by-step directions on setting up site hosting with a custom domain in Webflow here for your reference to make sure everything is setup appropriately :), keep in mind that it can take up to two days for a site to propagate (usually is much faster).

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Thanks much, Waldo. I just sent an email as you suggested. Hopefully I’ll get a quick and direct reply.
In the meantime, I think you might actually be able to clarify something for me, if you don’t mind…
You suggested I follow the instructions for setting up a custom domain – but that requires that my client purchase a hosting package with Webflow. But she already has a great deal with her current hosting company? So is it possible to do a re-direct without having to purchase Webflow’s hosting/custom domain?

Here’s the link:

Thanks again. I didn’t have this issue when I built some webflow sites last year.


Maybe in stead off using capitals you do use the searchfunction on this forum. :slight_smile:


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