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Block Shadow Bottom (Bug?)

Bottom shadowing does not seem to be working properly

See image, shadow is at top not bottom.

Actually the shadow at the bottom appears based on Position, when I set to Relative, the shadow appears – is there any info on this behavior?

You may have a z-index set that is higher on a class and it may be overlapping the the shadow.

Can you post a public link so I can see how your website is structured?

The Header Nav Bar on the home page does not have the shadow, sub-pages Header will have the shadow. If you set the position to auto on bg.Header, the shadow goes away.

I just want to understand the behavior: you can take bg.Header or bg.Sidekick and with Position = Auto, Shadow to Bottom shows nothing; then, Position = Relative, the shadow appears. [?]

When you set it to Position: Auto you’re essentially removing the z-index value that comes with the navbar (default set to 1000). Only Position: Relative, Absolute, and Fixed can have a z-index. By default the Position for navbars is set to Relative so that it can have z-index (go above all other elements on the page).

Let me know if that makes sense!

did some extra reading on this as well, thanks for clearing it up @thesergie