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Block Collaborators From Pages

Hello Webflow community!

Newbie to Webflow here :wave:

I purchased a theme and would like to prevent any collaborators from seeing any of it, is there currently any way to do this?

So you saying you are the middle man? Just be transparent…reselling templates is a bad idea…

lol no, I’m not reselling a template.

I don’t want some team members knowing how easy it is update the design, thus they will try to do a bunch of things in there and mess up the design, and/or they’ll harass me for a million changes and wonder why they’re not done yet.

Bump, anybody know the answer?

What exactly do you mean by collaborators, and what exactly do you mean “prevent from seeing it”?

Collaborators - other people that I invite to the project, e.g. some team members.

Prevent from seeing it - I’d like to restrict a collaborator’s ability to view directories.

For example, I purchased a license to a template and would like to prevent them from deleting it, any pages within it, or even perusing the templates within it, so that I then have more work to do.

Editing text is pretty much all I would like for a collaborator to do, locking down elements helps, but it doesn’t save me from a deluge of additional work should they go perusing inside the template directory.