Blipstar Mapping Software - Can this be created in Webflow, or do we need to continue subscription?

New to Webflow -

Just have a question about a 3rd party service I’m currently using on Adobe Muse (but currently moving to Webflow).

Can I create / recreate this type of store locator / directory in Webflow - or do we need to continue paying $500 a year to Blipstar for this type of service?

Store Locator

We would like to bring this type of mapping software / locator into our site. Is it even possible w/ Webflow?



Hi @FSUAlum98,

This thing can be created with Google maps API.

  1. It won’t be free wither (though it will be much cheaper)
  2. You will have to use custom code (HTML, CSS, JS) to create it.

Look here

As avivtech mentioned above, you can technically code it yourself although I’m guessing given you chose blipstar before, this isn’t a good option. For my webflow clients, I’ve been using Storepoint’s webflow store locator given Webflow designs are a lot cleaner and modern when compared to blipstar’s interface. Also $500 per year sounds pretty high.