Blinking Lottie in the beggining of the preview

Hi, I am new with Webflow, so I am still figuring things out.

When I upload a Json file (3.83Mb) it blinks at the beginning of the preview mode for some seconds and then works fine looping forever. Before I have uploaded this animation on 12Mb size so I thought if I reduce the size, it won’t blink anymore, but the blinking looks the same, I think.

I created this animation by exporting a transparent PNG sequence in After Effects using Bodymovin. Maybe exporting Vector layers would be better (seemed like a better quality and even lower size)?

I have vector layers in After Effects, and tried to export them using Bodymovin, but this exportation ignored the composition effects, which is important for my design. Is there a way to export compostion with effects using Bodymovin?

Here is my site Read-Only:

It looks fine from my end.

Sometimes setting the render mode in the settings of the Lottie animation from SVG to Canvas can fix blinking issues.

Give that a try and see if it works.

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Hey thank you! So it was that simple. :slight_smile: