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Blending static + CMS text in a wordwrap-friendly manner

I’m trying to find a way to blend CMS data items with static text, in a manner that will wrap correctly on mobile devices.


The video demonstrates it best, and the limits & problems of my current approach.

Thanks for your help!

In the linked read-only site, the best example is the Categories CMS page.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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1 Div Block 10: Select wrap children, remove any width, let it flow to edges
2 Text Block 13: Expand
3 Shrink all others inside the Div Block 10

It will allow “Starting from $” to push all underneath in a linear fashion, neatly but still keeping the “Price” on one line, and wrapping “Points” to another line.

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Thanks Gary, that’s very helpful

I’ve tried two designs so far- the brackets represent a wrapping div;

  1. Single outer wrap DIV -

  2. Outer DIV with two inner DIVs -
    [ [ TEXT TEXT ] TEXT [ TEXT TEXT ] ]

In #1, wrap-children didn’t appear to do anything, but in #2, it’s working beautifully and seems to be keeping the inner DIVs intact on one line.

Excellent! I’m happy to help.

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