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Binding CMS field to IX2 delay time

We are doing a/b test landers for top 5 products. The main site is on Megento Magestore (main), the B Test is on webflow with whatever crazy designs I come up with.

I am looking for a way to bind CMS number field (miliseconds) to IX2 delay time.
My current work arround is duplicating modals and creating seperate IX2 rules manually, but its kind of a pain because IX2 list gets large fast and slows down webflow designer.

Basicially, just need to simply display modals using the rules below. I’d like to use CMS so client can easily select MODAL event in a Modal collection list and edit XX Delay time as an editorwithout me having to go in each time and manually doing it in designer.

^^^ X Seconds is is where id like to bind IX2 DELAY TIME via CMS collection item’s ‘Delay Time MS (numeric)’ field input.

If I have CMS bind ms fild would only need to use one or a few ix2 interactions to toggle modals and make designer more responsive and ix2 easier to manage