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Bind to collection item's multi image field in Lightbox from homepage?

Hi I am hoping to recreate a lightbox functionality as seen on the homepage of this website:

How do i recreate this on the homepage?
I want to be able to click on a project’s cover image/thumbnail, then have it open a lightbox with all of the project’s images inside the lightbox.

I have set up the Projects collection that I ideally would be able to pull both the project’s cover image and the project’s “all images” from as well but that does not seem available as a built in function for the Lightbox component on Webflow on a homepage? Seems only available on a collection page as noted here " At the moment, these images can be used as regular image elements, background images or as Lightbox media only within Collection Pages." on

I wasn’t able to manually edit the Lightbox media images for each lightbox on the homepage either as shown currently live where it doesnt work, they all show the same media. Is there a way around that?

I am okay with hacking together a solution to make this work as well. Does anyone have ideas? I am new to Webflow so I could be totally missing something.