Billing Issue on CMS

I’ve recently been asked by a client to change their billing from monthly to yearly, on the Webflow website the amount shown is $16 per month or $192.00 USD per year, in fact it advertises clearly ‘switch to save’. However, when I go to pay it, the amount jumps to $265.89 USD per year. So obviously said to the client that’s what they need to pay and arranged for that amount.

I did pay this for another website, and Webflow admitted the problem and reimbursed me the money (this was a few months back), however it’s still not fixed, and it’s clearly something that someone could easily make the mistake of just paying and not realise. It’s 100 percent false advertising that this is still on the Webflow site and it really needs to be fixed.

Can Webflow please fix this, so the amount you advertise is the amount you are billed.