Biggest problem and how did you fix it.

Hello fellow Webflow enthusiasts,

What is the biggest, most complex, or annoying problem that you have run into during development that you would like to proudly share with the rest of us?

p.s. there are always various ways to fix a problem. Please feel free to share your ideas on how you could improve on someone else’s fix but be respectful.

Mine: Unfortunately the project fell through but the client wanted a custom “registration number” (ie. IOUTMFC-) for every customer that paid for an event on the site. Then wanted that number sent to the venue and customer in with two emails.

My fix was good ol’ Zapier. So within the CMS a “Prefix Number” was entered (so every registration for this event would start the same) however after the order would be placed with Zapier’s formatter tool I would have the customer initials and date of the order make up the rest of that customers registration number (ie. IOUTMFC-DN-042820)

After the key was created I would use Email by Zapier to create and send one unique email to the customer and one unique email to the venue.