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Big white space show up on the right side of the page

Hi guys,

I have a big white space showed up on the right side of the page. Please help:

Hi @cywz

It looks like the culprit is the “Our partners” section.

A solution would be to put “Container 5” inside of a Div block or a Section and set it to Overflow: hidden.

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 10.20.44 AM

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 10.20.50 AM


Hi Miguel, thanks for the quick response. How do I see where overflow is? I don’t seem to find it.

With your element selected, you can find the Overflow panel in “Size”

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 10.27.34 AM

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It work!!! Thanks so much!

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