BIG issue with page speed when using Spline

Hey there! I made a spline animated scene (here: Glass Fluid Pastel)

I want to embed it in my webflow page. I’m doing that via the “Spline scene” block in Webflow (so natively). The issue is that now the page speed is incredibly low - like 36/100 on Google.

I’m fairly new to the whole “website with 3d” thing so I can’t figure it out. Is it better to add it via code embed? There are no additional scroll or hover animation, it’s basically like a looped video

Any help is appreciated!


I also have this issue, commenting here in case there are some solutions offered.

Spline loads a lot of data, this will impact your speed regardless. If use in the first view even more as it is loaded when users enter. Keep your scenes small, spline has a checker. Optimize accordingly. You should win back some speed.

Optimize the rest of your page like images , fonts , to claw back more speed to compensate.

This would be my advise .

So annoying that it also affects the lottie animation if you use that in the page loader. It completely freezes it. Leaves my users hanging with a frozen screen - not gonna happen.
Hope you guys can figure this out Webflow because using spline is otherwise a great USP.