Big initial or letter at rich text module

Does anyone know if it’s possible to do this with a rich text element?
My client likes to have a bis first letter in his blog. I’m using cms and the rich text element for this.
Thanks for any ideas.

It’s not possible right in the Rich text editor. However, you can do a dirty work around;

  1. Design the blog post in the designer accordingly to your clients specs.
  2. Go to your Collection and set up a textfield that will contain the first letter (in this case “D”)
  3. Set up a rich text field where the rest of the text will be placed. Remeber to remove the first letter in that text (in this case the letter “D”…).

That’s the only way I can think of, so if anyone has a better solution - please chime in! :slight_smile:

Hey Steven, thanks for the quick response! I did it this way and it works.
@webflow: Think about the possibility to add selected classes on spans in the rich text editor like mark text and choose one of the previous selected classes to format it.


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